Junction Goole

Junction, in Goole, East Yorkshire is a multi-award winning venue with a busy programme of live events, cinema and activities for all ages.  We take pride in our efforts to offer top quality art for everyone, from family film to comedy to classic and contemporary theatre.

Technical Spec

Stage Name: Auditorium
Dimensions: 12m wide and 6m deep, with an additional apron extending the performing area towards the audience which is 9.5m wide and 1m deep
Height: Height to grid: 5.2m
Capacity: 165

Map and contact info

Address: Paradise Place, Goole, DN14 5DL
Box Office: 01405 763652

Twitter: https://twitter.com/junctiongoole
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/junctiongoole
Website: http://www.junctiongoole.co.uk

Arts & Leisure Manager
Charlie Studdy
Youth & Community Arts Co-ordinator
Nicola Dixon
Marketing Officer
Lauren Cowdery

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